This is a blog by and for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (and anyone else who cares to stop by). I am writing this blog with my sister, so we have decided to write under the name of a pair of sisters from Jane Austen’s Emma: Isabella and Emma Woodhouse. In case you were wondering, it’s Emma writing this one. We burst out upon the world with little or no fanfare, but we hope to garner a few readers along the way. We will be writing posts about our day-to-day experience of CFS, and sharing our thoughts, feelings, and frustrations about living with this illness. We may even branch out into discussion of what we’ve tried; what helps and what doesn’t. A movie review or book recommendation may occasionally pop up. But if you know anything about chronic fatigue, you know we can’t go making extravagant promises about writing regularly. I’ll end with that caveat. Please come by, and comment if you like!


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