A good sign

On Wednesday I had a headache in addition to my usual fatigue. I don’t get headaches often, but I think the stress of the past few weeks has been adding up, since we’ve decided to try to sell our home and move. I’ve moved plenty of times before, but selling a home is a new and unique stress. I feel overwhelmed but grateful at the same time that I haven’t had too much backlash from all the extra goings-on.

Anyway, Wednesday: I got the kids from school (I have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader) and realized I had to rest. NOW. As I slogged towards the stairs, I reminded them “Today is bath day!” Which was followed by my checking out completely.

I came back downstairs about three hours later–it was about time to start our bedtime routine, and I realized with a sigh that they’d probably forgotten all about showering since I’d neglected to nudge them in that direction, and it would have to be put off till the next day. They were in front of the television, where I had left them. But they were both in their pajamas and their hair was wet. There were also two empty but used cereal bowls sitting on the table: without asking me, or their dad, or fighting about what to do when, they had stopped watching TV, fed themselves, showered, and then resumed their TV-watching.


All these things in combination have never happened before. As I tucked them into bed I told them how proud of them I was, and how much I appreciated what they had done. It was good for me. It was good for them.


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